Thursday, July 7, 2011

I've finished my first quilt!!!

I have been following along with Chasing Cottons and her Quilt Class 101 since it started more than 10 weeks ago. I just knew it would give me the motivation to finish my first quilt! I made this quilt to match the crib bumper I made here.

I was having trouble deciding how to quilt this blanket.  I ended up just doing vertical lines to match the vertical lines of the pieced columns.   I had more trouble keeping the lines straight than I thought I would. In the end, I think I choose a batting that was thicker than needed and the extra plush made it harder for the walking foot to feed. I also think I will try to use gloves as so many other blogs have suggested. It really was difficult to help feed/guide the fabric as I quilted.

The binding of the quilt was super simple. I used the cheater quilt bind-off method by made by rae. It worked perfectly and was just what I wanted! I love the lighter binding against the darker sashing.

 My pieced back was made using the same vertical pieced columns as the front, floating in the back fabric.  You can see my vertical quilting lines much better on this side.

So, what do I think about quilting? It is not so bad. I definitely want to make another one. I started one with a girlfriend more than 10 years ago, but we never finished it. I think I will start with that. Ok, maybe I am more than excited to finish it. Perhaps I found a new passion? I am sure my husband hopes it's not a new addiction. :)

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