Monday, January 23, 2012

Sew busted!

As I have mentioned, my kids are really into Phineas and Ferb right now. Last year while visiting my 5 year old Niece, it seemed she was too!  So, for Christmas I made her a Candace inspired Black Apple Doll.  Have you made one of those yet? This is my second one (I don't think I shared the first one with you yet... soon!).

My inspiration for the clothing and the embroidery of her facial expressions came from a picture I found here.  If you have ever watched the show, you would know that Candace spends all of her time trying to bust her brothers.  So of course her expression on my doll version had to be 'I am going to get you this time'. Hey, where's Perry?

The only alteration to the Black Apple Doll pattern I made was her body and the shape of her hair. In the end, I realized that I should have enlarged the body more than the rest before taking in the shape on the sides (does that make sense?).  Oh well, my Niece loves it I hear. :) Yay!

I know Candace does not usually wear a little bow in her hair, but I could not resist. Her head was screaming at me for some color or 'flair'. Her neck also screams at me to make her a necklace or crochet her a scarf, but I had to resist. I wanted her to resemble Candace as much as possible. Oh, there you are Perry!

The best part about her is that I already had all of the materials on hand from previous projects. Sewing and stash busting all in one. How wonderful!

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